Lea Valley Academy

Team London Youth Conference

Lea Valley attended the final of the Mayor’s Awards for Debate, where our students
debated brilliantly against St Anne’s School, and secured second place.

With the help of Ms Ali and Ms Orphanides in the English department, four
students from Year 8 and 9 presented carefully thought out arguments in front of 10
other schools across Enfield, on topics including capital punishment, “Do you need
political experience to run for office?” and whether or not 16 year olds should be
allowed to vote. Lea Valley Academy students displayed confidence, professionalism
and approached each topic with diligence.

All those involved commended how well the team worked together and their
performance, in all speeches team members spoke coherently, projected their
voices and presented their arguments in a professional and passionate manner.
The team discussed their strong feeling of empowerment whilst on stage and the
confidence and courage as qualities developed as a result of public speaking.
Holly, who spoke in the final round, commented: “I am proud to say that I’m a
student at Lea Valley. We had to do a lot of research and make lots of notes in order
to speak confidently in front of other people.”