Performance poet Adisa the Verbalizer visits Lea Valley Academy

Our Yr9s were lucky enough to experience the “creative, loud, crazy, diverse, passionate, confident” (their words) poetry of Adisa the Verbalizer, performance poet,
He was born with a silver tongue and a head full or rhymes. His mango-flavoured metaphors and his larva-fuelled performances are legendary on the performance poetry circuit. In 2003, Adisa won the national competition, New Performance Poet of the Year. Benjamin Zephaniah, one of the judges at the event, said: “Adisa is the future. It’s so good to have something to look forward to.” That same year, he was honoured as the Hackney Poet Laureate.
Adisa is on a mission to take poetry to the people wherever he finds them; he has taken his word from continent to continent. He delivers his work in a format known as Edutainment. He believes a good performance should be able to entertain the audience while challenging them at the same time to look again and question what it is they hold to be true.

The workshops were dynamic, powerful and inspirational for our students making them think about the world and how to communicate with passion, yet respect through writing their own poetry.