Cambridge Trip

On Thursday, 14th of February, Lea Valley’s nine most able Year 12 students were taken on a day trip to the University of Cambridge. The students were selected based on their performance at GCSEs; all the students in attendance achieved a minimum of five grades 9 – 6 (A* to B) at GCSE.   Matilda, Lucy, Jefferson, Alex, Winston, Nimi, Turna, Elif and Jagan. 

Students arrived at Newnham College where they were given a talk on the collegiate system and teaching style at the prestigious university. The students were then introduced to a panel of undergraduate students for a Q&A session where the A-Level students asked questions from a range of topics including: advice about university applications, funding at Cambridge and dealing with stress. The day concluded with a detailed tour of Newnham College and a tour around the central colleges including Corpus Christi, St. Catherine’s and world famous Kings College.

Trips to world-leading universities serve to inspire our students and encourage them to aspire to succeed. Lea Valley aims to build a sense familiarity and closeness with prestigious institutions, for our students. When it comes to their university applications, student will feel confident, and the idea of applying to the very best will not feel distant and out of reach.

“I was taken on a trip to the University of Cambridge in year nine. Being exposed to a world-class institution at such a young age meant that I never viewed Oxford or Cambridge as intimidating or unrealistic. This attitude was vital in the process of successfully gaining a place on the Natural Sciences course at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge in 2014. I have now been offered a place to study Graduate Entry Medicine at Hughes Hall College, Cambridge in 2019; even so many years on I still attribute this confidence to the exposure Lea Valley provided me with through my time at school here.” – Shirley Bekker (Ex-Lea Valley Student, Cambridge Graduate)