Eastfield Primary LVA Library Reward Session

On Friday 9th November we welcomed 20 students from Eastfield Primary School as a reward for their hard work in reaching ‘greater depth’ during Autumn Term.  Pupils learnt about The Power of Reading for Pleasure and how it is of huge importance to their academic and social development, improving self-awareness, knowledge, self-esteem, memory and potential.  Reading offers a four times greater advantage than that we gain from parental influence* . . . and it is fun! 

We then had a Library Hunt, where pupils were given a jigsaw puzzle to solve, which gave them a fiction book to find, that took them into non-fiction and around the Library.  Lots of excitement and they got a real understanding of how to use the Library.  "The library was a great experience and it was enjoyable. My favourite part was learning where each type of book is located and exploring the library" Merin Y6

Some quiet time colouring in LVA bookmarks whilst Ms Morgan, our Librarian introduced pupils to some of the Young Adult books in the Library including reading the first chapter from one of her current favourite novels, 13 Hours by Narinder Dhami which is a real page turner . . . pupils we left in suspense!  Mrs Locke Y6 Learning Assistant said " It was very well organised, informative and lots of fun. The treasure hunt was excellent and it encouraged children to use their initiative and tested listening skills". 

As they packed up to return to their school they met with Ms Sharif, our School Principal who was interested in finding out what they had learned.  It was a fun and informative session for all.  " I enjoyed my Lea Valley trip because the library looked amazing. I also learnt that you are never too old to read a book"!  Never a truer word Saadaq Y6!

*Source : Institute of Education