KidZania Trip – Year 7

Year 7 students attended a trip to KidZania London White City in January 2019 to explore careers in Law, Aviation, Medicine, Fashion and much much more. KidZania is an indoor city, run by kids! KidZania provides an authentic and powerful introduction to the world of work and careers for under 14s where children begin to understand the nature of work, the diversity and function of business, and its contribution to national prosperity. Just like in the real world in order to earn money the Year 7 students had to work!

The students took part in a variety of role-play activities.  KidZania is all about ‘doing’ and represents experiential learning at its very best. Every activity had been developed with qualified teachers and was appropriately cross-referenced to the National Curriculum: Maths, English, Science, Design and Technology, Computing and every subject is learned through the motivating medium of realistic role-play. Our students had an amazing time and found it very insightful.