Prancing on Ice!

On Wednesday 12th December 2018, 32 Yr13 students and 2 staff took to the ice at Alexandra Palace! The Yr13 students were very excited about going ice skating and the trip certainly didn’t disappoint. For a number of students it was their first time on the ice, but this didn’t deter them. After a few laps holding on to the side for dear life they soon got the hang of it and it wasn’t long before they were confidently skating around the rink – well nearly all of them! In fact by the end some were that confident they finished the session with a race.

What was really great to see was how the students helped each other on the ice. They really did all do themselves proud and they were a credit to the school. It was a lovely afternoon in a fantastic setting, with amazing views.

This is what our Student Presidents had to say about the trip:

It was a lovely opportunity to bond with each other and have an enjoyable afternoon away from our studies.


It has made we want to go ice skating again.


There was nothing more enjoyable then seeing my classmates fall over on the ice!