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Mathematics is important for its use in the workplace and in personal decision-making.  Maths equips students with skills to describe, interpret and analyse the world. It can also create moments of wonder when problems are solved or patterns discovered.  Maths is central to our understanding of Science, Technology and Economics.  Students are encouraged to think logically and persevere to become problem solvers.

The Lea Valley Maths department aims to make Maths an enjoyable and positive experience for all learners.  All courses are delivered through clear schemes of learning which increase student understanding, progression and success.


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The English department is a successful team of enthusiastic specialists who adopt a dynamic approach to teaching language and literature. The department works collaboratively to plan and deliver engaging schemes of learning to ensure successful student progression throughout the key stages.

The vision of the English Department hinges heavily on our belief that, for various reasons, the teaching of English is intrinsic to the broad and balanced education of students. Firstly, we recognise that the literacy skills developed in the English classroom empower students to understand information in other subjects across the curriculum, and to express their understanding in writing. Secondly, we understand that it is often the degree to which literate youngsters can exploit language that determines how far and how fast they progress in post-16 education and employment. Lastly, we know that Literature plays a vital role in developing children’s imaginative and aesthetic lives.

The English staff encourage students to experiment with language in their own writing whilst developing essential literacy skills that will facilitate cross-curricular success and improve life chances. By exploring a range of fiction and non-fiction texts, the department aims to cultivate in students, a love of reading, which remains pivotal, both to their success in GCSE English and to their confident navigation of the wider world beyond school.

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Science provides students with knowledge and understanding of the natural world, together with an awareness of the importance of science to individuals and to society. The skills of investigation and experimentation reinforce how scientists work and enable students to participate in scientific debate on many current issues.  Science also helps to develop personal attributes such as curiosity, motivation, teamwork and the ability to communicate. These important skills help to prepare students for further study and for a range of worthwhile careers.

The Science Department at Lea Valley contains ten purpose-built laboratories offering excellent facilities. There are twelve members of staff, with many years’ experience between them and they contribute a wide range of knowledge in the specialist areas of biology, chemistry and physics. The teaching staff are supported by a team of two technicians who prepare resources and maintain a safe working environment.

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Religious Studies

Religious Studies supports students in developing their own understanding of norms and values in society and the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of young people. Students are encouraged to interpret and respond to a variety of concepts, beliefs and practices within the world religions. Students progressively develop the skills to interpret, evaluate and respond to differing values and beliefs. This is achieved through extending their thinking and analytical skills and their creative and emotional development. A further purpose of RE is to foster mutual understanding and respect between students of differing religious and cultural backgrounds. It is important that students make reasoned and informed judgements about issues in the world around them.

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The Geography Department aims to stimulate the students’ interest in the world around them. The focus is on the three key areas of the Physical World; the Human Environment and Environmental Issues. We aim to show the interaction between these three key areas at different scales and encourage the reflection of how local Geography may replicate or contrast Geography on a national or global scale. Our curriculum is challenging while giving students every opportunity to develop a range of skills and independently. We teach a wide variety of skills from the use of atlases, maps and images to the presentation and analysis of data. This allows students to be able to reach conclusions on issues and to evaluate their working methods.

Opportunities to develop students’ engagement with the subject are not confined to the classroom and whenever possible, visits and fieldtrips are a part of the curriculum. Such visits include trips to Kew Gardens, the Natural History Museum, Epping Forest, The Olympic Park, the Landmarks London.  Residential fieldtrips are an essential part of GCSE Geography and more are being developed across the key stages.

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The History department is a dedicated and experienced team of practitioners who work together to engage and inspire students. The department has created schemes of learning that encourage a natural curiosity for the subject and maximise student outcomes. The chronological teaching of topics has resulted in a smooth progression through the key stages, and ensures success at GCSE and beyond. The high number of students who select GCSE and A Level History is a testament to how successful the department is.

The department understands the need to prepare students for the modern world and therefore places priority on learning about topics that have relevance to an understanding of issues that confront everyone. At the same time, students are encouraged to promote critical thinking and independent enquiry so that all students are given the opportunity to challenge themselves and develop a desire for further pursuit of the subject.

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Modern Foreign Languages

The Modern Foreign Languages department is committed to offering all learners a variety of opportunities to explore and understand a range of cultural and social issues through the study of French and Spanish. The department endeavours to make learning languages fun and meaningful, providing students with many opportunities for collaboration and independent work in the classroom. Throughout the language curriculum, the focus is on developing students’ skills in the four key areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing along with providing a solid grounding in the structures and patterns of the language. Students are encouraged to use the target language as much as possible and they are exposed to authentic language each time they enter the MFL classrooms.  This has created a department with a proven track record of success including exceptional results at GCSE.

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Computer Science

The Computer Science curriculum aims to develop the digital and computing abilities of the students and provide an insight into the range of opportunities and careers in the computing, gaming and digital industries.  The students are supported in the development of their transferable skills including: communication, leadership, teamwork, analysis, problem solving and independent learning.

Students at Lea Valley will follow an innovative curriculum that will help develop their thinking skills and knowledge and understanding of computer science.  The schemes of learning enable the students to learn about the key techniques of computational thinking from decomposition, pattern recognition, algorithms and programming. 

The students will learn to recognise that digital content can be represented in many digital forms and understand the importance of communicating safely and respectfully online and the need for keeping personal information private. 

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The Art department has two specialist staff, fantastic classroom facilities and resources to provide opportunities for pupils to develop their creative confidence.  By being taught different ways in which they can design and develop a range of creative skills and personal ideas students enjoy success across the key stages and in public exams.

Pupils learn how to make individual choices, improve their creative and technical skills and gain mastery of specific techniques as they increase proficiency in the execution of their techniques. They are taught how to broaden their critical and technical language and develop an appreciation of the contributions of significant artists, architects and designers.

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Dance is a dynamic subject led by a specialist with experience in the industry. Dance is a performing art consisting of purposefully selected sequences of human movement.  This movement has aesthetic and symbolic value. Dance can be categorised and described by choreography, by its repertoire of movements, or by its historical periods or place of origin.

At Lea Valley the department ethos aims for all students to have the opportunity to participate in a range of styles of dance. The units of work encourage all students to develop their creativity skills, work with a variety of people developing their team work skills as well as increasing their confidence levels to perform in front of others. The curriculum offers a range of units of work including contemporary, hip hop and cultural dance. The department regularly participates local and regional competitions including in the Step into Dance Competition with annual success.

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The Drama Department aims to provide students with a range of opportunities to explore plays, issues and genres in a supportive learning environment. Drama is a unique learning experience, which aims to provide all students with a positive environment of trust and respect where every student has an equal opportunity to participate and succeed in the work.

Drama is taught in years 7, 8 and 9 in a carousel. Topics are either issue or skills based or involve work on a play. Students can opt to take Drama as a GCSE qualification.

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Music is a practical subject that involves performing, listening and composing using a variety of instruments and voice as well as music technology.  The department have a specialist MAC suite and several practice rooms.  Composition, Blues, Jazz, Reggae, Samba and song writing are some of the areas that are studied during key stage three.

Students who opt to study music at GCSE follow a course with a strong emphasis on performance and composition skills. The department offers individual instrumental/vocal lessons to support our students and offer them the opportunity to develop their ability to use music technology for their composition coursework. 

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The department aspires to create an environment that provides exciting opportunities for students of all ages and abilities, with a special attention to “hands on” experience across the subjects offered.

Students study a variety of topics and create projects that are designed to develop practical skills. The projects encourage pupils to develop their creativity, imagination and problem solving skills to design and make products for a range of intended users.

The curriculum offer includes Resistant Materials, Graphics design, Food Technology and Textiles. 

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Physical Education

The department ethos is that students are challenged to become physically confident in a way that supports their health and fitness. Schemes of learning and lessons are planned in order that students can be physically active for sustained periods of time. The need to lead healthy, active lifestyles is impressed upon students, with the aim being to encourage the students themselves to accept responsibility for their own lifelong health and fitness.

Enrichment opportunities feature prominently in the weekly sporting calendar aimed at helping students to develop and extend their skills in a wide range of sports. Extra-curricular activities include recreational clubs and school team training, friendly matches to fully competitive league and cup fixtures against Enfield and Middlesex schools.

On-site facilities used for the delivery of Physical Education include: a brand new 3G astro-turf, a large sports hall, gymnasium and a state of the art fitness suite with a range of cardio and weight machines.

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Business Studies

Business Studies provides insight into issues reported in the news and economic world that affect everyday life.  The department introduces concepts and applies them to business contexts in order to develop an understanding of how businesses work.  Students are encouraged to use an enquiring and methodical approach to their studies, to understand that business behaviour can be studied from a range of perspectives.

The Business Department offers a range of subjects across Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5. It is a very popular ‘options’ subject at Lea Valley.  Students will study a wide range of topics including marketing, finance, economics and human resources.

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