Lea Valley Academy

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Friends of Lea Valley

The Friends of Lea Valley Association consists of parents, teaching and associate staff who aim to help and support activities at the school and raise money.

It provides opportunities for everyone to work together to create a better school community and environment for our students and become more involved in the school life. All parents and teachers are invited to join.

Some of the ongoing FLV activities include:

  • Raising funds to help the school provide ‘extras’ for students.
  • Assist in the planning and implementation of social events for parents and students.
  • Provide support for school trips, outings and special events throughout the school.
  • Support after-school clubs and enrichment opportunities.
  • Organise meetings to inform parents about education issues, especially when changes are taking place.

The FLV committee always welcomes new members. For further information, please contact the school.