Lea Valley Academy

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The Geography Department aims to stimulate the students’ interest in the world around them. The focus is on the three key areas of the Physical World; the Human Environment and Environmental Issues. We aim to show the interaction between these three key areas at different scales and encourage the reflection of how local Geography may replicate or contrast Geography on a national or global scale. Our curriculum is challenging while giving students every opportunity to develop a range of skills and independently. We teach a wide variety of skills from the use of atlases, maps and images to the presentation and analysis of data. This allows students to be able to reach conclusions on issues and to evaluate their working methods.

Opportunities to develop students’ engagement with the subject are not confined to the classroom and whenever possible, visits and fieldtrips are a part of the curriculum. Such visits include trips to Kew Gardens, the Natural History Museum, Epping Forest, The Olympic Park, the Landmarks London.  Residential fieldtrips are an essential part of GCSE Geography and more are being developed across the key stages.

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