Lea Valley Academy

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 British Values

Students of all abilities and disabilities are valued and appreciated in this school. Differences are celebrated rather than feared and the school successfully promotes equality of opportunity and inclusion for all.

Inclusion Quality Mark report July 2017

Our values at Lea Valley support each student to develop into a responsible British citizen.

 We actively promote:

  • The fundamental British values of democracy
  • The rule of law
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs, and for those without faith

The right of each person to be respected, regardless of race, gender, faith, ability or heritage is embedded in our school vision and is central to all aspects of policy and practice in our diverse school community.


At Lea Valley we value the opinions of our students. We have a democratic process to elect students to the two platforms through which students views are expressed - the School Parliament and the Student Learning Council. The Parliament is lead by our Student Presidents who are selected from our Year 13 cohort following formal interviews with senior leaders.

The Rule of Law

At Lea Valley we believe that within a democratic system we all have rights and responsibilities. We have a clear code of behaviour and expectations which are outlined in the Lea Valley Standard and our Behaviour for Learning Policy. Read the Lea Valley Standard here

Individual Liberty

Students are encouraged to understand the balance between their individual rights and their responsibilities as a British citizens and members of the school community.

Mutual Respect

At Lea Valley, we promote respect and tolerance of others, which is the basis of our Behaviour for Learning policy and from which we have developed The Lea Valley Standard. Read the Lea Valley Standard here

Preventing radicalisation

Lea Valley is committed to safeguarding and promoting the safety and welfare of all our students, and we are aware of the risk of radicalisation, which some students may face. Throughout daily life at Lea Valley we focus on ensuring that students are aware of all potential dangers.  The Life Skills programme reinforces this to ensure that students are aware of how to remain safe.